IGN's Best Post-Apocalyptic Gaming

Well… we’re all still here. That’s a relief, right? The apocalypse hasn’t claimed us… yet. But what if it does? What if the end is nigh? Those who have kept up to date with some post-apocalyptic gaming may stand the best chance of survival. We asked our editors for their top post-apocalyptic gaming picks, and here’s what they suggested.

Casey Lynch, Important In Chief
I’m split between two 2012 post-apocalyptic gems: Tokyo Jungle and The Walking Dead. The latter offers one of the most emotionally demanding and provocative experiences in entertainment, and features my favorite new characters in games: Lee and Clementine. What Tokyo Jungle lacks in little girls needing a savior it makes up for with packs if wild Pomeranians. With hats. It’s basically GTA with animals, and I can’t think if a better way to celebrate the Mayan new year.

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