Face Off 08×06 – Troll Bridge (SPOILERS)



So, we start off in a place that most movie people will recognize, the LA ‘river’.  Or what used to be a river because LA loves to pave EVERYTHING.  It’s been used in tons of movies, but most notably Terminator 2, where they had the truck and motorcycle chase.  I fucking love that movie… now I want to watch it again.  They’re there because of the bridge – we’re doing trolls!  There are six bridges to choose from.  The Helix Bridge in Singapore, the Dragon Bridge in Bali, the Tower Bridge in London, the Python Bridge in Amsterdam, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and the Corvin Castle Bridge in Transylvania.  ALSO, Doug Jones will be there on application day to help the actors act more troll-like, which I’m sure is AWESOME for the actors, since they probably kind of want to follow in Doug Jones’ footsteps.  Yay Doug Jones!!!

Adam and Jamie go for the Dragon Bridge, Julian and Stephanie go for the Corvin Castle Bridge, Rob and Kelly go for Tower Bridge, Logan and Emily pick the Golden Gate Bridge, Darla and Ben pick the Python Bridge, and Anthony is the lone person with the Helix Bridge.  Anthony is going to go for a troll that used to live in Singapore’s rain forest, but slept for a long time and woke up to the metropolis it is today, so he’s transforming himself to fit into the city.  Julian and Stephanie are both going the ‘Dracula’s servant’ route, since Corvin Castle was the inspiration for Dracula’s castle.

Jamie is doing a tree troll who protects the stone statues in front of the bridge (who guard the sacred waters just before the monkey sanctuary).  It’s definitely the bridge with the most backstory to work with, and it’s my personal fave aesthetically.  Adam’s doing sort of the same thing.  Darla’s doing an aquatic kind of troll, but she’s got what I call ‘bottom look jitters’.  Usually, when someone’s been on the bottom, it’s hard for them to bounce back.  Sometimes, the person bounces back with a vengeance, but others get really nervous and self conscious about all their decisions.  Darla’s in that boat.  She’s just not feeling her sculpts, and Laura notices.  Darla’s in a very bad place this week.

Rayce calls a team meeting, and tells his team to make something OTHER than the typical troll.  It’s a decision that causes ripples throughout the whole episode.  Rob decides to build out the back of the head instead of the front after Rayce’s ‘advice’.  He’s got Tower Bridge, so he’s doing a prince that was cursed to be a troll.

Emily’s concept for the Golden Gate Bridge is using the sunset colors, and it’s a girl who jumped off the bridge and washed up on one of the little islands.  When Mr. Westmore stops by, he makes a bunch of troll puns, and then gives the opposite advice of Rayce, and tells people to add more traditional troll features.  As much as I dig Rayce as an artist, you always listen to Mr. Westmore.

Ben’s doing something completely different than anyone else, and is going for a really fun character who swims around with kids under the Python Bridge, and is wearing an inflatable around her waist and water wings.  I’m not sure how it will turn out but I think it’s a fun idea.  Kelly’s got Tower Bridge, and she’s going for a sad mother whose child fell off the bridge, so she now haunts it.  Logan’s going in a completely different direction.  His troll was burned (since San Francisco did burn in its history), and now wears a bird skull to represent the crows of Golden Gate Bridge.  I didn’t know that was a thing.  Crows are kind of everywhere (and awesome).

At the end of Day 1, Anthony’s also in Bottom Look Jitters, and is second-guessing his whole idea.  On Day 2, he feels a lot better about the whole thing.  Day 2 is also a rough one for Emily.  Her chest mold gets a huge crack in it, but she can’t fix it because her face mold has locked, and she has to spend a bunch of time getting that out (with Ben’s help).  Darla’s still in a bad place, but she just has to keep moving forward, or else she won’t have anything to mold.  Rob’s also starting to second-guess his non-traditional troll, and wondering if it looks more like an alien with the long, pointy head.  Also on Day 2, there’s some random dude making shit in the lab – oh wait, it’s Adam!  He looks completely different with no glasses and a baseball hat on.

Application Day arrives, and Emily’s in big trouble because her foam turned out like ass.  Doug Jones also walks around and shows people how they should be acting.  He’s all limbs, like a preying mantis.  But his advice is REALLY good.   Ben’s kind of second-guessing his fun character, but I think it’s a cool idea, and he still likes it.  Kelly’s going in a good direction, until you take a step back and it looks muddy.  So now she’s against the clock to fix this paint job.

So, here we go with the Last Looks (with Doug Jones as a judge, too):

Emily’s Golden Gate Bridge Troll:

It didn’t turn out that great.  You can tell she ran out of time, and the judges really don’t like the hard edges between the prosthetic and Megan’s skin.  Up close, the paint on the face also is kind of everywhere.  Emily’s definitely better than this.


Darla’s Python Bridge Troll:

Darla’s another one who’s better than this.  She’s had a rough couple of weeks.  The paint is nice, but that’s all I really love about it.


Anthony’s Helix Bridge Troll:

Poor Anthony.  Destined to be on the bottom again.  The transition WAS looking cool, but on stage, it looks muddy.  And the judges don’t get it.


Adam’s Dragon Bridge Troll:

I’m pretty meh on this one.  It’s not terrible, but I find the transition between the face and the jaw strange.


Julian’s Corvin Castle Bridge Troll:

Another one I’m meh on.  It’s not terrible (see above), but I’m just not really feeling it.  Also, the belly looks more pregnant than like fat, because it doesn’t have the droop.


Ben’s Python Bridge Troll:

I love this one.  I think she’s hilarious, and she’d actually be a really good character in a children’s book – the troll who wants to be friends.  I love that Doug Jones also gives Alexandria props for her performance.  The models so rarely get recognized for how they sell makeups.


Rob’s Tower Bridge Troll:

The paint is really nice, but the judges hate that they’re not a lot of traditional troll features there.  Nice advice, Rayce.


Kelly’s Tower Bridge Troll:

The model, Nayeli NAILS the performance on this one.  Kelly also pulled off a Last Looks home run with fixing the paint.  She’s very ghostly, but I can still see troll.


Jamie’s Dragon Bridge Troll:

I love this one.  I think it’s my fave, tied with Ben’s fun swimming troll.  The wood looks great, and I love the face.


Stephanie’s Corvin Castle Bridge Troll:

Another one I’m not sure on.  I like it more than Julian’s Corvin Castle one, but I find it looks more ghoul than troll.


Logan’s Golden Gate Bridge Troll:

Not very troll like at all.  Looks more like a horror movie villain.  There are things I dig about it, though.


Man, this week is a total crapshoot.  I had ZERO clue who was going to be on the bottom, because when the judges did their walkthrough, they had a lot of negative comments for nearly all of them.  The only ones I was certain on were Jamie and Ben being in the top.  And they are, along with Kelly.  Team Anthony sweeps top looks.  I had no idea who was going to be on the bottom, but it was Anthony, Rob, and Emily.  I guessed for Ben to win, but it was Jamie (and she did deserve it – I loved that troll too).  I don’t believe we’ve had a repeat winner yet this season.  I guessed correctly on who would be going home though – Anthony.  He was just in the bottom too many times for a second chance.