Face Off 08×08 – Dressed To Kill (SPOILERS)



OMGOMGOMG, Clive Barker episode!  The gang goes to Whiskey A Go-Go, a famous club on Sunset Strip.  Clive Barker (omg yay!) shows up on the screen and talks about how fashion inspires him to create characters.  After all, the Cenobites may have been demi-gods of pleasure and pain, but they looked fashionable while doing it (not to mention how awesome Candyman’s coat was – but Tony Todd would look sexy in a potato sack).  So, the models come out wearing futuristic style avant-garde fashions, and the contestants have to create a stylish horror villain based on the fashion their model is wearing.  Said model will be the model they use throughout the challenge, and will sit with them during the design process.  It’s also really cool that the models get called by name.  They’re getting lots of shout-outs this season.  I love it.

Jamie picks Megan, Darla picks Matt, Ben goes with Sarah, Stephanie picks Elena, Logan takes Alex, Kelly goes with Nayeli, Julian picks Augustine, Adam takes Kerstin, and Emily gets Kodi.  So they all go to designing.  Megan’s fashion is very spidery, so Jamie’s going for a Black Widow kind of spider woman.  Emily wants to do a fallen angel with a cage around his head, based on a shape she found in the fashion.  To me, this was the most exciting design.  It was very Silent Hill.  Augustine is wearing a very elaborate statement necklace with gold and turquoise, so Julian decides to make a demon that chases people who wear it, and it has a second mouth to suck out souls or whatever.  Augustine also has some input – hell, if you’re wearing prosthetic makeup all the time, you usually know what works and what doesn’t.  The models are another asset for the contestants to use (and I’m so glad they’re showing that).

Team Kelly and Nayeli (hey that rhymes) go to work.  Kelly works with Nayeli a lot.  Nayeli is most famous I think for her HUGE eyes.  Kelly wants to go with a plastic surgery demon sort of thing.  She always does cool work when Nayeli is her model, so I can’t wait to see how it turns out.  Also, Nayeli’s ‘morph’ head shot isn’t very flattering and makes her look kind of alien, so it’s nice that she’s getting screen time to show how pretty she actually is. (Same with Matt who is working with Darla – his ‘morph’ head shot almost looks like a different person, and he’s so gorgeous so it’s nice to see AGAIN that the models are getting attention).  Darla’s concept is kind of alien looking more than horror, so we’ll see.  I also gotta say that Sarah (Ben’s model) has the PERFECT hair to go with her outfit.  I want a doll that looks just like that.

When they get back to the lab, everyone gets to work – except for Stephanie.  She has ZERO concept, and that honestly doesn’t change for the rest of the day.  She’s embarrassed that Mr. Westmore saw her even without an idea, and she’s completely frazzled.  She tries to play with some clay to get an idea, but even that doesn’t work, and Laura isn’t really inspiring her, either.  So, she decides that she’s just going to spend the whole day conceptualizing.  She’s already in deep doo-doo.  Logan is going with a villain that uses poison, but has also tested poisons on himself.  His fashion is definitely the most Cenobite out of all of them.  Anthony is really concerned about how rough Jamie’s face sculpt is, so he’s hanging out with her a lot.

On Day 2, Stephanie’s got her design, and it’s a seer or prophet.  So she’s got a lot of work to do.  Logan is making arm pieces with boils and blisters on them from all the different poisons his villain has tried out, and he’s using wax clay, which you don’t see very often.  But, since wax is so sensitive to heat, the heat gun melts it to REALLY look like gross boils.  Ben has an awesome looking back of the head where it looks like the rivets on the dress’s corset.  He molds that and then starts working on his face piece.  Emily works on her cage for Day 2, using string and what I assume is foam core.  It looks so cool, and I really can’t wait to see it – it’s so bondage looking, and very Clive Barker.  Adam only has the one piece to mold, but it’s a big piece so he has to worry about locking.  It comes out just fine and doesn’t lock – but it does have a giant ass crack down the middle.  And this is the biggest crack in a mold I’ve seen on the show in 8 seasons.  So he’s got to use some epoxy and hope for the best on application day.  Anthony’s worry about Jamie hasn’t gone away on Day 2, either.  Julian’s the LAST in the mold room.  He doesn’t want to rush into the mold room and sacrifice detail.  Ben thinks he’s insane.

On Application Day, I get MEGA bummed when Emily’s cage starts falling apart.  She uses feathers instead on the top of the pyramid head, but it doesn’t look nearly as cool as it could have. OH MAN, I wish I’d seen it finished with that cage.  Kelly also has major issues with her face having a major second skin.  It’s completely shredded, but it actually fits her character.  Logan starts with his delicate arm pieces, and warns Alex not to move too much.  Why didn’t he do them last, then?  And Adam’s giant crack? (LOL)  It didn’t matter – it didn’t show up in the foam latex.  Lucky!  Ben is far behind on his paint, so he’s pretty worried.

Here are the Final Looks (with guest judge Mark Alan Miller, who works with Clive Barker at Seraphim Films):


The paint job is incredible, and it still looks cool with the feathers, but without the bondage-esque cage, it doesn’t feel Clive Barker anymore.  SO BUMMED.  Did I mention I was in love with that cage idea???


Her lack of concept showed hardcore, especially because there was so much she could have done with that cool outfit.  She knows she’s in trouble.


The last few weeks, she’s been making me worried that I chose her to win.  This is very meh (I don’t get why the face is such a different color than the chest).  I guess it could be on Nightbreed, but I think it looks more alien.


I’m not nuts about this one, either.  He should have used more gold in the paint, and I think it also looks more alien than horror (like Darla’s)


Hot mess.  The skin looks like Silly Putty, and the lipstick is REALLY distracting, like a bad clown makeup.  She’s in trouble.


Very Chatterer (one of the Cenobites).  The judges like this one more than I do, but it’s still pretty damn cool.


Pretty nice!  She almost looks like porcelain, and the back of the head looks really great.  She goes with her fashion the best, too.


I squealed when I saw this one.  I LOVE THIS ONE.  It looks like Quan Chi from Mortal Kombat (whom I adore), and I can totally picture it in Hellraiser.  But it’s SAFE???!!  I yelled “What the fuck?” when that happened.


LOVE this one.  So very Cenobite, but with bright colors.  The mask is really cool, and the reveal is gross.

So the top looks are Ben, Julian, Kelly, and Emily.  I thought that Kelly would win, but it’s Ben.  I guess because his looks like the FUTURE of Clive Barker’s world, and matched the outfit the best.  There are only two bottom looks, and it’s Stephanie and Jamie.  I predicted Jamie would go home, and was correct.  So now Anthony and Rayce only have 2 contestants each, and Laura has 4.