Gamersledge Review: The Pete Holmes ShowGamersledge Review: The Pete Holmes Show

Gamersledge Review: The Pete Holmes Show


So, you have probably never heard of Pete Holmes.  But he has his own talk show, directly after Conan on TBS.  One would think that means he’s pretty talented.  I would say that’s a reasonable statement.  *I* know who Pete Holmes is from other YouTube work he’s done — specifically as Batman for College Humor.

His show aired recently, and the first episode is available for viewing at  Sadly, they had promo’d what I thought was the funniest part of the show, the opener, which was Professor X firing Wolverine, which you can see below.

The formula for the show was; well — formulaic.  Opening vignette, monologue, funny video, guest, photoshop jokes to close out.  I will say that the final segment was the second funniest thing in the opening episode.


I’m interested to see where it goes; he seems like a genuinely nice guy — and for some odd reason I get that Jack from Three’s Company vibe from him — he’s just enough goofy that he could be a unique star.

Enjoy the video, and recommend folks to stay tuned in to the show to see where it goes from here.

7 out of 10.



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