joins TGN .. and we’re helping give away a PS4 preorder!

TGN, a content partner group who works with videogaming websites that stream video, approached us to partner with them. As of this weekend, we have done just that! What will be different in the day to day things you’ve come to love about the site? Not a lot, honestly.

You’ll still see the same news coverage, the same videogame streaming, just look for some purple TGN logos on the thumbnails, and as you can see the main page and video game sections have updated logos to reflect our partnership.

You might see our videos showcased on TGN‘s website, perhaps on their youtube channel TGN on YouTube and more coming down the road.

The best part of all, though, is now because of our affiliation — you, dear reader, have a chance to win a PS4 preorder! Watch the video below for more information, and then click the link under the video!

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If you have feedback, as always we would love to hear it; feel free to use any of the methods below to contact us!

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